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Welcome to the Wiki for Project Exist, a fantasy/sci-fi/psychological horror visual novel.

We're importing stuff here (slowly but surely, from the old website) and writing new content! In the mean time, enjoy what currently is on the website. Many of the pages on this Wiki either do not exist, or are incomplete. This is meant more for those that are trying to understand the game (or follow developmental progress) rather than simply playing the game. A website for the average consumer will be made available when development is further along.

If you are someone that just wants to play the game (in its current, very incomplete state), please check the Builds page.

For the time being, you will need to make an account if you would like to contribute, or you will need one made for you. It will also have to be verified.

If you'd like to talk to Team Members, please feel welcome to connect to our Discord server (here). Be ready for explicit language!

Serious inquiries (including making yourself available for an assignment) should be directed to Before asking chronology-based questions, keep in mind that the game starts on September 21st, 2010.

Important Stuff (Especially for Staff)

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